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APPS (in alphabetical order) Digitech iStomp Function: iOS-powered effects pedal Price: $149.95 This unique app is half hardware and half software. Plug your guitar into a hardware pedal that connects to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and have up to 36 different effects at your fingertips (quite literally). forScore 4.0 Function: Music score reader for iPad Price: $4.99 Ever wanted to read your entire sheet music set list from an iPad? With forScore 4.0, now you can. forScore allows you to download and import PDF sheet music from almost any source on the Web, and put together setlists for any situation. You can even annotate each page and turn pages halfway to see the bottom half of one page and the top of another. Never lose your music again with forScore 4.0. Function: Backing tracks and lyric projection for iPhone and iPad Price: Free iSingWorship is a new app for iPhone and iPad that pairs worship backing tracks with external lyric display in one application. iSingWor- ship allows the user to control the form of the song while the song is still playing. A wide range of backgrounds is available to display behind lyrics using the video output of the iPhone as well. This app is perfect for smaller worship teams or small groups or kid’s worship. Korg iMS20 Function: Analog modeling synth for iPad Price: $32.99 A complete recreation of the Korg MS-20 modular synth for iPad, featuring an analog sequencer, drum machine, and Korg’s Kaoss pad effects. Play the iMS20 with the touchscreen on the ipad or connect external midi controllers to turn your ipad into a great sounding, afford- able modular synth. Worship Band-in-Hand Function: Customizable backing tracks Price: Free Worship Band-in-Hand allows a worship leader to play along to backing tracks from the palm of his hand. The app allows the user to customize which instruments he or she uses in the track and the levels of each. Buy individual songs as you need in the iTunes App store and build a set list for every Sunday. streaming tools Function: Custom webcasting service Price: $99 is a new way to stream your services all across the world. For just $99 a month, you can stream your services live to audiences anywhere. Function: Worship service streaming service Price: $99 From live audio/video to live prayer chat with service pastors to online giving made possible has everything you need to start an online service. Roland Vr-3 Function: Audio/Video mixer Price: $1,990 The Roland VR-3 is a 4-channel audio/video switcher and mixer with a USB port ready for live streaming online. Switch between 4 channels of 40 WORSHIP LEADER video and audio and apply effects to both and stream everything online using any Web streaming software or service. Wowza Media Server 3 Function: Media streaming software Price: $5 Wowza Media Server is a high-performance media streaming software. Able to stream to any computer and mobile device, Media Server 3 also allows a DVR addon giving it the ability to pause, rewind, and time-delay services online. Wowza offers a monthly subscription of $55 per month or a $5 “per instance” fee every time you use the service. Haivision KulaByte Encoder Function: Video streaming encoder Price: TBA KulaByte is a100 percent software-based encoder that takes your videos and encodes them in a format ideal for Web streaming to PC, Mac, iPhone, and tablets. KulaByte is practical for churches that need to stream multiple videos every week.