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ALL THINGS ENRICHING COLLEGES L I S T E D I N A L P HA B E T I CA L OR DE R BAYLOR UNIVERSITY CEDARVILLE UNIVERSITY The Center for Christian Music Studies Waco, TX Denomination: Baptist General Conven- tion of Texas School Size: 16,263 Music/worship program size: Approx 400 music majors, over 60 church music and worship students Tuition: $26,399 Worship Major | Cedarville, OH Denomination: Baptist School size: 3,400 Music/worship program size: 62 in worship/85 in music Tuition: Block tuition from 12-17 hours at $27,006 BIOLA UNIVERSITY Conservatory of Music | La Mirada, CA Denomination: Multidenominational School size: 6,323 Music/worship program size: The Conservatory of Music has 166 majors and 25 minors; within that, the Music in Wor- ship program has 54 majors and 8 minors. Tuition: Annual tuition, 12-18 units: $34,498 Cost per unit, 1-11 or 19+ units: $1,438 CALVIN COLLEGE Grand Rapids, MI Denomination: Christian Reformed Church School size: 3,800 Music/worship program size: Calvin College offers degrees in music and a mi- nor in ministry leadership with seven em- phases including music and worship. Tuition: Yearly tuition around $30,000 CHRIST FOR THE NATIONS IN- STITUTE FULLER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts | Pasadena, CA Denomination: Multidenominational School size: 4,000 Tuition: MA, MDiv, ThM: $380/credit hour DMin, Korean DMin: $415/credit hour ThM, PhD: $765/credit hour JUDSON UNIVERSITY Worship Major | Dallas, Texas Church: Christ For The Nations Denomination: Multidenominational School size: 1,200 Music/worship program size: 85 Tuition: $11,000 Center for Worship in the Performing Arts Elgin, IL Denomination: American Baptist School size: 1,250 students Tuition: $27,900 DALLAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY Cleveland, TN Denomination: Church of God School size: 5,041 Music/worship program size: Music Majors – 304; Church Music Majors – 56 Tuition (yearly or per unit): $14,400 Master of Arts in Worship and bachelor’s degree in Music Business | Dallas, TX Denomination: Baptist General Convention of Texas School size: 5,445 Music/worship program size: 133 (43 graduate students; 90 undergraduate students) Tuition: Undergraduate: $813/credit hour Graduate: $823/credit hour LEE UNIVERSITY LIBERTY UNIVERSITY Center for Music and Worship Lynchburg, VA Denomination: Southern Baptist School size: University resident enroll- ment is 14,200 and online enrollment is 85,000. Music/worship program size: Approximately 650 undergraduate and 320 graduate worship students. Tuition: Undergraduate: $580/credit hour Graduate: $650/credit hour NORTH CENTRAL UNIVERSITY College of Fine Arts | Minneapolis, MN Denomination: Assemblies of God School size: 1,200 Music/worship program size: 218 Tuition: $20,320 12 W O R S HIP L EAD ER N O VEMB E R/DE CE MBE R 2015