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ALL THINGS TECH GADGETS & GIZMOS L I S T E D I N A L P HA B E T I CA L OR DE R B Y CO M PA N Y APOGEE ENSEMBLE THUNDERBOLT Price: $2,595 Why we love it: Apogee continues to impress us with their commitment to amazing sound quality and groundbreak- ing products. The Ensemble Thunderbolt uses Thunderbolt 2 connectivity to record at extremely low latency and takes the load off your CPU by adding its own processor to write the audio directly to your computer’s hard drive. Eight mic preamps, a built-in talkback mic, as well as 30-in/34-out capability, make the Ensemble Thunderbolt perfect for profes- sional and project studios alike. ASTEROPE SPEAKER CABLE Price: $80 Why we love it: Using their proprietary cable, Asterope wowed us back when we first reviewed their guitar cables and found a louder, expanded frequency response from guitar to amp, especially with single-coil guitars. The speaker ca- bles are designed to connect an amp head to the cab and provide the least amount of signal loss and ensure the head and cab see the optimal load while rejecting interference. Like the rest of the Asterope line, the cables aren’t cheap, but you’ll notice the difference right away. RME BABYFACE PRO Price: $749 Why we love it: It might be small, but the RME Babyface Pro packs a ton into its small chassis. Featuring two microphone preamps, two ¼˝ inputs, and 8-chan- nel ADAT I/O, the Babyface Pro offers a 12x12 interface with USB connectivity. All the connections are built into the solid metal casing so no breakout cables are necessary. Detailed metering on both the inputs and outputs make it a great value for the price and a great interface for a project studio. BY FA CE PR O E N S E M B L E T H U N D E RB OLT UA D A P O L L O T H U N D E R B O LT N OVEM BE R/DE CE MBE R 2015 BA Price: $1,999 Why we love it: Upgrading the ground- breaking Apollo interface and DSP engine, UAD offers the Apollo 8 and 16 models with the Thunderbolt option for blazing fast performance. Thunderbolt connection offers low latency recording while enabling better plugin performance than the original firewire. PC users are out of luck for this upgrade, as the Thun- derbolt is an Apple-only connection. Price: $1,497 Why we love it: The 1973 is a three- band FET compressor designed for mixing and mastering. With its intuitive interface and musical sound, the 1973 is easy to use and ideal for gluing together mixes or adding depth and life to tracks. We love the 1973 FET for its subtlety, mu- sicality and its versatility as a compressor. W O R S HIP L EAD ER E UAD APOLLO THUNDERBOLT DRAWMER 1973 FET COMPRESSOR 48 RM